Clinical trials

Sourcing of comparators and concomitant medication

Since 2001 our company supplies drug products specifically for clinical trials.

In order to successfully source comparators and concomitant medication it is essential to choose a partner competent at procurement, who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical marketplace.

PolyPharm-Tula is the expert in this field.

Our customers tell us that sourcing of that kind of drugs can be logistically difficult, disproportionately demanding in terms of financial and human resources, and is a distraction from the main task of conducting clinical trials. This is where the PolyPharm-Tula team step in to assist them.

We are proactive and resourceful, maintaining our customers’ confidentiality at all times. We also seek to work very closely to satisfy the requirements of our suppliers, as our relationships with them are fundamental to our ability to source comparators and con-meds.

At PolyPharm-Tula we recognise our duty to help manage the Russian pharmaceutical supply chain, protecting patient supplies and avoiding any product shortages arising out of drug supply for clinical trials. Our approach is to source directly from the appropriate manufacturer wherever possible. This method also enables us to take every action possible to try to prevent counterfeit medicine from entering the clinical trial supply chain.

At PolyPharm-Tula we understand that ideally the clinical trials supply chain should be kept as short as possible to maintain the cost effectiveness, to ensure that storage conditions are adhered to and that the stock has a maximum expiry date upon receipt at trial sites.

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